The Dark, Wet Plane of Zendikar

I have a confession to make - I was never able to make it to Zendikar the first time this plane came around in Magic. This was during a dark period of my life when I was unable to play Magic due to a lack of friends - no, seriously! Having just moved to Canada, I was...

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American Origins

About two weeks ago, both Canada and the neighbour directly south celebrated Independence from England. At that time, I wrote the first of two articles about Origins, which centered around White and Red planeswalkers. It was a little aggro and decidedly unapologetic –...

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Canadian Origins

As some of you may know, Canada Day just passed. It’s a national holiday up here in the Great White North (though it’s not so white right now!) When I tried to do some research as to what exactly we’re celebrating, I realized that I need to study Canada’s history a...

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What I learned at Tournaments

Build a cat-apult for the little furballs that get in your way! Cue music – cat yelping slowly getting softer as the cat goes farther away. Ooops, this is not a Ren Fest tournament that I’m supposed to be talking about is it? OK, so I was in the Peg (Winterpeg, er, I...

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Plague of Tokens

Tokens, tokens everywhere – as far as the eye can see. I’m sure you’ve all seen quite a few played by people. They come out strong and usually make everyone’s night unbearable. I was guilty of this the other night – that’s another story. However, I got a random pack...

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