Up in the sky … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a dragon about to rain down fire and destruction on all of those puny humans that inhabit the planes of Tarkir. And I have to admit that is AWESOME!!!

Way back in the day, the OG dragons – the Elder Dragons – started off my fascination with dragons in Magic. That has continued to this day and this latest set has just made me giddy as a fat kid who just got a free pizza!

I know this is only the second article and I’m talking about dragons again. The next article I will try to write about something other than dragons – oh wait no! The next one is about breaking a certain Unbroken planeswalker. Seriously what can I say the set is called Dragons of Tarkir.

So let’s look at some of the key cards from each Dragonlord’s brood and see what kind of comborific fun we can have with one key card from each. And we will start with one of my favorite new cards – Foe-Razer Regent.

Obviously this regent (one of five representing each colour) doesn’t necessarily represent a brood. That said, he will be representing Atarka since he pairs the best with the Gruul Ragebeast. What’s not to like? Put a critter in play and it automatically fights another critter and assuming it survives, it gets bigger at the end of the turn! Keeping in mind you need to keep playing creatures, you should be able to wipe the board of most real threats and have a commanding board presence.

These two are the key components. Obviously both of these big baddies require a bit of mana, so I would suggest some ramp with Savage Ventmaw and a favourite card of mine Rites of Flourishing. Don’t forget other help such as Dragonlord’s Servant or Frontier Siege.

Movin’ on to the Dromoka brood, one of my new favourites is Assault Formation. This card like Doran, the Siege Tower just begs for a bunch of low-cost, high-defense creatures that can be augmented with enchantments such as Brave the Sands, Castle (or Builder’s Blessing) or Hold the Gates to name a few. Anything that boosts all of your creatures’ defense, gives them vigilance or lifelink will also help immensely! If you want to get really crazy throw in Mesa Enchantress for card draw – you might need it since the deck shouldn’t have that high of a mana curve.

Next up is Ojutai and one of the best cards to combo should be Living Lore. The card itself can lend to some rudely huge creatures especially if you throw in some really large sorceries such as Beacon of Tomorrows. And blue is the best colour to ensure that you have stuff in the graveyard to exile with creatures like Merfolk Looter. If you go the Merfolk route, then a really nice card to use for the Lore would be the Whelming Wave. Add in Lightning Greaves or other equipment to make the creature unblockable and this will be a hard deck to stand against.

With the Silumgar brood, my favourite combo card is actually a fantastic Utility card – Sidisi, Undead Vizier. This creature is just rude – Deathtouch and the ability to search for anything?! My first thought is make your deck Blue, Black, White and feature token gen or critters that activate on entry, recursion and critter bounce. Take for instance this Ravnica standout, Blind Hunter, which would work perfectly to Exploit and then Haunt another critter you plan on Exploiting. Add in recursion to get back your critters and use blue bounce or something like Conjurer’s Closet to get the Sidisi back into play or your hand and this is a recipe for disaster – for your opponents!

And last but not least is the Kolaghan Brood, another fantastic Utility combo card is Boltwing Marauder. This card is fantastic in all types of decks with all kinds of ways to go. Put the duplicates of the Marauder out there with his Dragonlord and it just gets crazy. Perhaps one of my favourite things back when I had a sliver deck was to run Aluren and Recycle. Neither one of those may work for you if you can’t find them or don’t want to splash green. On the other hand, you might have an easier time finding Recycle’s Black brother, Null Profusion, which would then work really well with low casting cost cards like Crater Elemental.

I know these cards might or might not make tourney staples. But in this case, it’s Strictly Casual! Until next time, may your Dragons soar and your decks win!

— Nicol Billas

Originally posted April 18, 2015 @ amusengames.ca