Nov. 16’s Combo of the Week

Disclaimer: So this is the first of what hopefully turns into a weekly thing. Seeing as I’m a combo player and have been since about my 10th deck, I have decided I should really talk about some of my favourite combos. I likely won’t be giving too many anecdotes, unless it’s a way that I truly abused this combo or it’s relevant – such as this next anecdote about this week’s Combo of the Week.

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to have one of my favourite Magic playas and friends start at my current place of employment in the same department – my fellow Planechasing contributor Benagos. Since we have the same lunch hour and happen to love playing Magic, we busted out some fun, fast decks.

Honestly I don’t remember what Ben was playing, I’m not sure it mattered because I crushed him with goblins courtesy of this combo. It was as he likes to call it a “Read The Frackin’ Card” moment and combo that I had not thought of until it went off. Goblin Marshal by itself is rude with two 1/1s and a 3/3 for six mana. And if the 3/3 goes away via death or not paying the Echo cost, you get two more 1/1s. That is unless you have Lifeline out, which nets you the two additional 1/1s and then pull the Marshal back into play adding two more 1/1s.

Rinse, Repeat – every turn! Gotta love broken recursion like this – so until next week, watch out for those nasty little multipliers!