Nov. 30’s Combo of the Week

This is the first of two parts for this week’s Combo of the Week! It’s two parts because it’s AWESOME and works wonderfully with one very fun and potentially big critter. Back in the day, cards were sometimes created or named for designers or majestic playas. The particular card I built this combo around is none other than the OG Maro, which was named after Mark Rosewater.

For this part, it’s pretty easy to see how this can give you card advantage and the ability to set stuff up for the next part …

And here’s where the combo really gets complicated … So you’re discarding a card to the top of your library for the Library of Leng, then Mirri’s Guile the next turn will allow you to figure out which of those three cards on top of your library you want to be on top. Put a land or creature up there and draw three, setting up the library for the next draw. All the while your opponents are discarding resources every turn and you’re pumping the power of Maro!

This is the kind of combo that makes me giddy and people shake their head at me!