PlaneChasing is a site currently dedicated to the discussion of Magic: The Gathering and its many geeky mash-ups in the wonderful world of the Internet.

This blog will feature reviews, decks, strategies, discussions … you name it, we’ll probably talk about it at some point. And by we, I mean …


Yours truly, Admin Nicol Billas aka Bill O’Dell. I’m the old fogey of the group that has been playing mostly on again for the last 20 years since Ice Age was a chilly premonition in the wind. If you had to categorize me as a player, I would be the casual combo player who builds 100-card, five-colour decks that somehow make everyone want to Kill Bill!

I’ve been writing, editing and creating in some form since before at least one of his cohorts was born. Passions include his lovely wife and girl/boy twins as well as cooking GF/Spicy food (seen here), reading or watching anything with dragons, lightsabers or capes in it (seen here) and gaming in almost any form – but preferably Magic or something I can do with my kids. Bill’s PlaneChasing Twitter handle is @NicolBillas, while his other one is @RGFDaddy.

My cohorts in crime are Benjamin Thunderchild and Kyle Jansen aka Benagos and KommanderKyle respectively.

You can find us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/PlaneChasing.


Our featured artist is Audra Balion. Her work can be seen across our various social sites as well as here obviously. And you can possibly meet her at one of the many conventions across the Prairies of Canada. She’d love to be able to sell you one of her pieces of work – you can browse her art on her Facebook page here.

Her FB bio states that she is an artist, designer, and award-winning sculptor from Saskatoon, who graduated Spring 2013 from the University of Saskatchewan with a BFA in Studio Art with great distinction. She works in a wide range of mediums – including traditional, digital, and performance – and often combines them.
Audra not only lets her mediums blend together, but also her subject matter. She diffuses organic matter with technology, creating cyborgs and chimeras, and paints surreal worlds from an understanding of realism. Overall, Audra’s work tends toward creating dark, mysterious, surreal, fantasy or science-fiction based narratives that invite the viewer into different worlds and perspectives.